Our Diversity and Inclusion Statement 

Richardson Plowden and Robinson, P.A. believes a diverse and inclusive workplace drives better decisions, stronger relationships, and greater success. We embrace the unique backgrounds and perspectives of our team and clients. We are committed to a culture where everyone feels respected, safe, and empowered to contribute their best selves. This means fostering equity across race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, and all the characteristics that make us individuals.

How does DEI connect with our own company’s mission? 

Better Client Outcomes:

  • Diverse perspectives lead to more well-rounded legal strategies, anticipating issues and biases that a homogenous team might miss.
  • Clients increasingly value firms committed to DEI, seeing it as a sign of a modern, responsive practice.
  • A commitment to equity internally translates into a deeper understanding of how systemic inequities impact clients and the legal system.
  • A diverse firm is better positioned to represent a broader range of clients and challenge injustices on behalf of those marginalized.

Workplace Excellence:

  • Studies show diverse teams are more innovative and productive. A culture of inclusion unlocks the full potential of every employee.
  • Top talent is attracted to inclusive workplaces, raising the caliber of your firm.

What does it mean to us?  

We value all backgrounds, differences, perspectives, skills, knowledge, and self-expression among our professionals, staff, and clients. 

Why it matters  

We celebrate differences and are committed to creating a culture that helps us diversify our thoughts, foster innovation, attract talent, and encourage a collaborative spirit that accepts all differences. 

How we approach it  

  • Recruitment
  • Development and Advocacy
  • Education and Awareness
  • Community Connection